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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we are the preeminent company for "strategic-foresight" based digital strategies and digital platforms.

We work across industries with forward-leaning organizations in order to collaboratively foster digital opportunities and to successfully implement new digital platforms.

Disruptive innovation.

At the core of our innovation in financial technology - fintech - is our Digital Workplace "financial wellness" platform.

Digital Workplace is expanding and improving existing workplace financial wellness strategies by offering:
  • The industry’s first digital social network designed for financial wellness
  • The ability to meet in-person, by phone or online with financial professionals
  • An online community which features blogs, forums, webinars and insights
  • An extensive ecosystem of financial partners and resources


Digital strategies.

History is littered with examples of once-successful organizations that failed to image and anticipate game-changing events in time to adapt to a new environment. Kodak, for so long dominant in the camera industry, failed to give enough thought to the scenario of a digital future.

The Cambridge Technology Partners approach involves working with our partners to construct and implement strategic foresights and digital strategies.

How does the past, present, and future relate to your organization? Our strategic advisory services include engaging feral futures, scenario planning, quantitative reframing and risk epistemology.


Strategic landscape.

Forward-leaning organizations are immersing themselves deeply in the opportunities presented by new digital solutions. Digital winners are thinking broadly about whom to collaborate with. In some cases, that may include collaborating with firms that are part of their current transactional environment - suppliers, clients, investors, employees, regulators and even competitors.

Strategic reframing.

Mapping the strategic and digital environments involves fully understanding the contextual environment (external factors) and driving forces that impact the current transactional environment.The most common source of mistakes is not failure to find the right answers... it is the failure to ask the right questions.

Digital futures.

As individuals and organizations connect, collaborate and share across online communities and digital platforms, they develop lasting relationships and gain valuable insights. The future is always in the present.

A new way: connected.

In a networked world where consumers become co-producers, digital strategies must connect actors in fields which transcend traditional industry borders. Focusing on the aesthetics - understanding, experience, perception, conception - of digitization is a crucial consideration.

Strategic foresight.

What will our digital world look like in 2020? 2030? 2040? What digital developments will influence us?

Focusing on plausibility rather than probability is a useful approach to frame the future of digital strategies. Scenario planning can "wind tunnel" new digital opportunities for organizations across all industries.

Scenario planning can also help develop new social capital in conditions of unpredictable uncertainties and digital novelties.

Bend the trend.

Cambridge Technology Partners works across industries with forward-leaning organizations in order to collaboratively develop and to implement strategic foresights and digital strategies. Get to know our distinctive capabilities and how we can help your organization develop the "aha" moment of impact.

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