Overview of the Digital Workplace.


Disruptive Innovation.

The Digital Workplace is transforming financial wellness by make it more accessible and affordable for employees.

An integrated digital platform for all employee financial needs. The ability to connect online with other members or with financial professionals.

Extensive Partner Ecosystem.

Access an extensive ecosystem of financial partners and resources including financial planning, student loans and day-to-day money management.

One-on-one financial counseling on budgeting, student loans, credit management, debt counseling, housing counseling.

In-Person Meetings.

Select and connect with independent third-party financial advisors. We bring you the best of the best advisors, irrespective of the firms they work for. Schedule in-person meetings to discuss financial planning needs.

Education planning, investments, retirement readiness, protection/insurance.

Financial Education.

We provide you with access to leading digital financial education organizations and courses.  

Retirement accounts (IRAs and 401k), mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), life insurance, hedge funds, and more.

Online Community and Social Network.

Our digital platform provides an industry leading online community and a social network designed specifically for financial wellness.

Use the digital community’s features including blogs, forums, webinars, news, financial education and expert insights.

How simple is it to sign up?

Very simple! Once the company is registered, all employees are covered by the benefit. Online registration takes two minutes.

At the core of Digital Workplace’s disruptive innovation is expanding and improving existing workplace financial wellness services to appeal to more employees.

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