For Financial Advisors.

The breadth and depth of skills required to provide sound advice to clients increases everyday. And yet any financial advisor will tell you that advising clients is the easy part of the job; acquiring the right clients is the difficult part.

A business development strategy for a successful financial advisor blends personal branding, a clear value proposition within a niche, a multi-faceted marketing process… and of course, a strong work ethic. The digital workplace was designed specifically for employee financial wellness.

A national network of professionals.

Advisor admission is based on due diligence review. Professional candidates must meet the necessary experience and qualification standards to be considered for admission to our network.

Admission process to the digital platform.

Please note while we encourage your application for admission to our national digital network, the admission of advisors is limited to a certain number of professionals in each geographical radius. Purposely, the advisors we select to join our network are truly leaders in their chosen field. Apply online and select the advisor registration path. Please make sure you have read and accepted the terms of platform agreement including the advisor specific sections.

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Advisor expertise and experience.

Since we are truly independent of any broker-dealer affiliations custodian relationships, advisors must have professional expertise in one or more areas:
  • Financial Planning
  • College and Education
  • Investments
  • Retirement Readiness
  • Insurance/Protection
  • Estate
  • 401K Account Reviews

Disruptive innovation.

Digital Workplace expands financial wellness services by offering:
  • A platform for both financial planning and financial counseling needs
  • The industry’s first digital social network designed for financial wellness
  • The ability to meet in-person, by phone, or online with financial professionals
  • A full online community which features blogs, forums, webinars and insights
  • An extensive ecosystem of financial partners and resources

Social + Community.

We provide an online digital community and social network designed specifically for financial wellness. Our platform is designed to provide members with easy access directly to an advisors' own online professional profile. Advisors set up their own professional online profile. Marketing materials, investor questionnaires, and connections to the advisors own web site or to other social networks such as LinkedIn are allowed and encouraged. Our members connect with chosen professionals directly and independently.

Practice development.

Since our members review and select financial advisors directly we do not provide direct referrals. Practice development results will vary by advisor including the advisor's own selection criteria for new accounts.

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Consider applying today.

In most situations advisors complete the online application within a few minutes. Entry into the network approvals are typically communicated within a few business days.

Ready to partner with you.

At the core of Digital Workplace’s disruptive innovation is expanding and improving existing workplace financial wellness services to appeal to more employees. We look forward to partner with you.


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