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Any Advisor will tell you that advising clients is the easy part of the job; acquiring the right clients is the difficult part.


Building and maintaining a profitable financial advisory practice is an arduous task, to say the least. Faulty intuitions often get us into trouble. You may have seen the "invisible gorilla" video above. What stops you from growing your practice on your terms?

  • Not enough time...
  • Not enough expertise...
  • It's not my job...
  • We don't have the budget...

 The breadth and depth of skills required to provide sound advice to clients increases everyday. And yet any Financial Advisor will tell you that advising clients is the easy part of the job; acquiring the right clients is the difficult part. A business development strategy for a successful Financial Advisor blends personal branding, a clear value proposition within a niche, a multi-faceted marketing process… and of course, a strong work ethic.

How much effort does a successful Financial Advisor spend on client acquisition? Those who continually grow their businesses would likely admit they spend more than 50% of their 60+ hour work weeks on new business development. And how many new clients a year are they adding? 50? 100? Try 3 – 10. Now let’s do the math: 50% of a 60 hour work week is 30 hours/week, multiplied by, let’s say, 48 work weeks/year. That’s 1440 hours/year spent on client acquisition. How much would your time be worth if you spent these 1440 hours on revenue producing activities? No matter how you do the math, it costs thousands of dollars for each new client added to your practice.

We support Financial Advisors find the right clients for their unique skills and niche practices – and provides clients with the best possible advice to reach their retirement goals.


Richard, a Financial Advisor with specialized expertise in the Massachusetts Teacher’s Retirement System and a knack for building equity-income portfolios, is tired of spending weeks of cold calling and networking only to stumble upon prospective clients with no needs for his unique skills. They question his fees because they view his advice as a commodity. By specifying the criteria for his "ideal client” on TRUSTIVO, Richard is now able to accept only those clients who value his expertise. He applies the time he saves on business development to generating more revenue and deepening his expertise.

TRUSTIVO provides the following benefits for Financial Advisors:

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  • Lowers the cost of client acquisition
  • Frees up time that can be spent on revenue generation
  • Matches advisors with clients who meet pre-specified criteria
  • Helps advisors build profitable, differentiated niche practices  


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