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The digital workplace was designed specifically for employee financial wellness. The digital workplace includes a full suite of day-to-day money management and long-term financial planning services designed to meet your own unique financial needs and those of your family - either in person, by phone or/and online.

Welcome to the Digital Workplace.

Our digital online community and social networking platform allows you to easily:
  • Create and manage online member profile pages
  • Network with other members
  • Search for and connect with financial advisors
  • Schedule one-on-one meetings with selected professionals
  • Use the digital community’s features including blogs, forums, webinars, news, financial education and expert insights
  • Access an ecosystem of financial partners and resources including student loans, credit, budget, debt management, retirement, investments and financial education

Day-to-day money management counseling.

Through third-party certified counselors you can access telephonic support with day to day money management support in areas such as:
  • Budget Counseling
  • Debt Management
  • Credit Report
  • Student Loan
  • Foreclosure Prevention
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Pre-Purchasing Housing Counseling
  • And more ...

In-person meetings with advisors.

No sales pitches. Members select the advisors they want to meet with. Individuals can use the digital platform to search for and connect with financial advisors. Third-party advisors typically address financial needs such as:
  • General Financial Planning
  • College and Education
  • Investments
  • Retirement
  • 401(k) account reviews
  • Estate and Wills
  • Protection/Insurance

Social + Community.

Members can easily find and share financial wellness knowledge with financial professionals in discussions, blogs or experts insights. As our members connect, collaborate and share across our online community, they develop lasting relationships and gain valuable financial education.

A new way: connected.

Our digital platform is designed to provide you with support resource such as financial education, student loans, budgeting and more. Our online community allows your employees to participate in webinars, social networking and more. We also provide access to an extensive ecosystem of best-in-class financial wellness partners.

Employer enrollment.

Enrollment methods vary at each organization. Please contact your human resources department to find out how the employee financial health plan enrollment process is deployed for your organization. Once you have the approval from your employer, employees may sign up directly online.

Easy online sign-up for members.

In most situations employees are signed up online in less than two minutes.

Ready to support you.

At the core of Digital Workplace’s disruptive innovation is expanding and improving existing workplace financial wellness services to appeal to more employees.


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